Did Donald Trump declare war on Syria ?


Without a permission from Congress, a resolution from the UN, or and approval from the Senate, Donald Trump decided to attack a sovereign nation. The weapon of choice – cruise missiles at a military airfield, killing at least 4 people. This would usually be seen as a declaration of war, but since he is not attacking one of the world’s superpowers, no one cares.

Just days before the strike Trump and the Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said that they would leave the future of Syria to the Syrian people, which a lot of Donald Trump supporters greeted happily, as the American people and most of the world are tired of the constant meddling in other’s people business, which costed the US over $2 trillion in the last 15 years. It will eventually bankrupt the country if things don’t change.

Will Trump take the same path as his predecessors – the Clintons and the Bushes, which interfered in the Middle East and all over the world and only left chaos and destruction after that. Or will Trump take a different approach and try to really make America great again. Try to make it as a symbol of hope and opportunity and not a symbol of death and ignorance. It remains to be seen…

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