New war on the horizon?


The mainstream media just announced that the US has deployed a Navy strike group to the Korean peninsula. The North Korean foreign ministry answer t hat this deployment showed “reckless moves for invading” and that tensions had “reached a serious phase”.

The official statement by the US Pacific Command says that this move is aimed at maintaining readiness in the region. Last week president Trump launched 60 Tomahawk missiles in a hit on a Syrian airfield. This move was probably connected with the sudden deployment of the Navy strike group to the Korean peninsula. It sends a clear message – if provoked the US will answer with force.

The move also comes after a meeting between Trump and his Chinese counterpart – president Xi Jinping. Right after the announcement that the US will send an Navy strike group to the peninsula, China’s foreign ministry came out with a statement, saying that North Korea should stop trying to develop nuclear arsenal.

The mainstream media as always just reports the obvious and uses scare tactics to get more views and readers. They failed to mention that China banned coal imports from North Korea a month ago, effectively slicing the country’s exports by about half. This also sends a clear message for Trump – It’s time do deal now.

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