Following my previous pieces on Syria, North Korea, China and Trump, it’s time that we conclude that there is a real possibility that World War 3 could break out. I’m sure most of you believe (as did I) that we as a species have evolved enough to understand the consequences of a new global war, this time over 10 countries having Nuclear Arsenal. Unsurprisingly, the U.S. and Russia having most of them – 7,300 and 6,970 respectively. Who in their right mind would use such an arsenal and potentially destroy all life on the planet?

Well, it’s hard to believe, I get it. Let’s not forget, however that it was also hard to imagine that in the 21st century Russia could attack a sovereign country and annex a piece of it. It was also hard to imagine that Turkey could take half of Cyprus, both being members of NATO. It was also hard to imagine that Kurdistan could become its own country. That the U.S. will annex part of Serbia and create Kosovo. We already had a couple of close calls. Last year a Turkish F-16 shot down a Russian jet. If Russia had retaliated and attacked a member of NATO that is also a nuclear weapons sharing state by the way, this would surely have ignited a new World War. Just a couple of days ago the U.S. struck a Syrian Airforce airfield that had Russian personnel on site a couple of hours beforehand. So, we’re ought to look seriously on the matter as all the warning signs are there.

Yesterday Trump warned Kim Jong-un that the U.S. will DEAL with North Korea if China fails to. China tried to do that by cutting coal imports from the communist country, which represent almost half of the economy. However, North Korea still continued its development of nuclear weapons. Last week after presidents Trump and Xi Jinping met, the U.S. sent a navy strike group to the peninsula and China amassed 150,000 troops on its border with North Korea. China is (was) effectively the only friendly country of North Korea. Representatives from the Chinese government have said that pushing Kim Jong-Un into a corner could be a potentially disastrous move.

Japan has already prepared to evacuate 60,000 citizens from South Korea. North Korea also started a partial evacuation of its capital city – Pyongyang. The U.S. dropped last week its biggest non-nuclear weapon in its arsenal – the MOAB (Mother Of All Bombs) on an ISIS site in Afghanistan, sending a clear message – Don’t provoke us.

The answer of the North Korean government didn’t come long after that, as they held a military parade on Saturday, displaying some new weaponry possibly containing nuclear warheads. The biggest surprises were two mobile canisters that could contain ICBMs larger than anything North Korea has ever produced. They also showed missiles with the potential of carrying nuclear warheads that could be deployed from a submarine. The massive crowd met under a huge portrait of their leader Kim Jong-un seemed genuinely enthusiastic about their role in this message to Washington and most of the world.

“Your threats have not worked.”

This is the clear message that Kim Jong-Un wants to send. His subjects are loyal to him and are prepared to die for the greater cause (in their mind). This is hardly surprising as almost 70 years of propaganda has brainwashed the whole population. There is no internet in the country, no access to the outside world. All that these people know is what the state run media has told them. A generation of maniacs has controlled the country for over 70 years and the world has just watched. Now the last of these maniacs has over 25 million slaves in its hands prepared for a potential war with the U.S. They are kept in fear, ready for the U.S. to attack any day, as they’re told that the Americans are the enemy that wants to take everything they have, which is not that much.

The North Koreans have tested a couple of missiles already near Japan’s shores. The Japanese are concerned that some of these tests could become potential attacks and a full-blown war might ignite.

Have we had too many close calls now? It sure seems so. North Korea seems like the next place for the World to go to war for a third time. The main question as it seems is – will there be a fourth after this one?



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