The Day Care Generation


“The Fascists of the future will be the anti-fascists”

This is a famous quote from Winston Churchill that certainly rings more true today, than any other time in history. We see SJW (Social Justice Warriors) calling everyone with a different opinion from theirs a fascist now. Most of them grew up in the 1990s, a time when the feminists of that era assured everyone that day care is a smart idea. Well, now it’s obvious that nothing can replace a mother presence in a child’s life.

Many people from this generation are addicted to being treated like they are special. That’s why there are numerous videos of Millennials throwing tantrums when someone questions their beliefs. They are obsessed in grabbing the attention they were denied by their parents, who sent them to day care.

This is what being overprotective of your children gets you. They become thin skinned and not capable of dealing with tense situation. The first controversy they encounter, they start crying for their mommy. They have never been taught how to debate and formulate an argument. Of course, people first blame the education system, but It’s really the parents who are to blame. A child is the product of their parenting. If you spoil your children too much, there is a very real possibility that you will cripple them. There is nothing wrong in letting your children make mistakes. That’s how they learn and grow.

Of course I am generalising here. There are a lot of Millennials that are capable of taking care of themselves. However, there is a massive trend with 1990s generation of kids (now young adults) to behave in a manner, not suited for their age. Millennials in the West grew up in the best, easiest times to be alive. Western civilization had reached its peak and logically there were no real struggles. Now, all grown up, they want to have a cause to fight for. Moreover, they need an enemy, an oppressor. Well, sorry to disappoint you, Millennials, but there’s no one out to get you, except probably the people you are presumably fighting on the behalf of.

My main message is this – raise your kids right, don’t be overprotective, do society a favour and let them absorb their surroundings.


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