The next big war in the Middle East

Israelis soldiers return from southern Lebanon in northern Israel

Hezbollah’s role in the Syrian Civil War has somehow gone unnoticed. This is a bit strange as they are one of the 3 biggest factions that currently impose control over a large part of Syria’s territory. Assad is just a façade – his regular army is almost non-existent, relying mainly on foreign mercenary groups, supported by Iran and Russia – the other 2 big players on the ground. The only control that Assad still has is mainly thanks to the usefulness of his Air Force and artillery units. Otherwise, the situation on the ground is controlled by Hezbollah, Shiite militias from Iraq and Iran and Russian Spetsnaz forces from the Caucasus region.

The growing influence of Hezbollah in Syria is a serious problem for Israel – as the organization is virtually the biggest opponent of the state. They are by far the most experienced Arab military force with over 30 years of conflict. Their last war with Israel was in 2006 and the war ended with no clear winner, which is by default a win for Hezbollah. By offering expertise that Assad military lacked, such as urban warfare tactics, they have turned the course of the war and there help won’t go unnoticed.

The biggest loser from the war in Syria seems to be Israel, as Iran and Hezbollah now dominate the neighbouring country. Not to mention how Iran has basically overtaken Iraq as well. The growing power of these two factions hasn’t gone unnoticed by Israel – recently they bombed different military objects in Syria. It undoubtedly suits Tel Aviv to let Hezbollah bleed in Syria, but chances are that the military organisation comes out stronger out of this conflict. So it seems to be inevitable that a future war is on the horizon.

Israel will probably keep on bombing Hezbollah in Syria, but this brings many potential problems with it. Russia personnel is working closely with Assad, Hezbollah and Iranian troops on the ground. So if one of these strikes Russian troops on the ground… well, this might be the catalyst of an unintended, potentially disastrous consequences.

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