How to retire wealthy


Who wants to live his last years on a pension that will never really be enough? Today I have prepared a couple of advice from wealthy people like Warren Buffet, Jeff Bezos and Mark Cuban. You don’t need to be the next Steve Jobs or Elon Musk in order to retire with a couple of millions in the bank. I strongly believe that if you follow a couple of simple rules you can amass wealth and preserve it successfully.

2 key personal traits

According to Warren Buffet and Jeff Bezos the 2 most important personal traits that you have to acquire in order to retire with a smile on your face are patience and discipline. When I say patience I mean that feeling you have inside you when the new Iphone is finally out and you just want to have it. You have to resist that feeling, no matter how dope the Iphone 8 will look. It is recommended that you save up to 15% of your paycheck each month. With the rest of it you can pay your bills and invest. And what you got left are your spending money or fun money. Most people do exactly the opposite, they spend their money on fun things, pay their bills after and invest what they have left, which is usually nothing. And when they get to 65, they’re wondering what happened with all their hard earned money.

After you have the discipline to save up some money, comes the patience part in play. You won’t get rich overnight by investing 15% of your paycheck. The road to retiring wealthy is a long, gradual one. You don’t have to lose the best years of your life, planning your retirement. For many retired people nowadays the financial worries are a big problem. But if you follow these simple rules your life after retirement will probably be one without any care.

Soon I will also write a piece on how and where exactly you can invest your money. Subscribe and stay #kinformed.

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