The delusional Left


Growing up I used to think that I leaned more to the left. I strongly believe in free speech, equal rights for everyone – gays, lesbians, minorities doesn’t matter. West is the best thanks to these values. So I find it a bit shocking how feminists and other SJW groups hate on the West, which is the best place to live in the world. No westerner is rushing to any Arab country to live there. That tells you all you need to know. There is no Saudi Arabian dream. There is only the American dream.

The hypocrisy of the left

Feminists are always first to criticize the western society, presenting it as a misogynistic patriarchy, in which you can only succeed if you are a white, Christian man. Well, if you are a lazy looser that doesn’t gives his all you probably won’t succeed of course. And if by any chance you happened to be Black, Hispanic or Muslim does that change the fact that you didn’t try hard enough? America is the land of the free and a land of opportunity, so when I see those entitled spoiled toddlers a.k.a. SJW, with degrees in Sociology and Women studies (whatever the fuck that means) praising communism and basically wanting free shit, because they decided to form their career around ideas that we have already achieved. Activism isn’t a job, guys. Yes, some feminists have turned it into a successful business, but that just goes to show you that all this talk is just bullshit.
 The Left on Muslims

How the left views the Muslim world is beyond me, honestly. For people who should be fighting for equal rights for women and gays they sure seem to focus on only what’s happening in the West, where in most countries gays and women already have equal rights. Do you know what they do to gays in the Muslim world? They throw them from the rooftops of buildings. I don’t see any SJW fighting for gay rights in Syria or Iraq. Do you know what happens to women in Muslim countries? Have you heard of female genital mutilation? Well this is basically a “ritual” in which men cut off girl’s external genitalia, so that they can’t get enjoyment out of sex. UNICEF estimated that in 2016 more than 200,000,000 million women living in 30 countries (majority Muslim most of them) have undergone this procedures.

This is a barbaric religion that doesn’t have any place in the Western world. It’s about time we admit this. These are not peaceful people. Mohammed wasn’t a peaceful man. He was essentially a warlord that wanted to unite all of the Arab people and conquer the rest of the world. I haven’t heard of any Buddhist terrorist attacks recently. You just have to see what Muslims do to minorities in their midst. They often refer to them as infidels. And infidels according to the Quran should be dealt appropriately. Reference: the Yazidis in Iraq, Syria and Turkey. They have been literally enslaved by the majority Sunni in these countries. Is this your peaceful religion?

Yes, of course not all Muslims are that radical. But let’s see what type of Muslim we consider moderate. Those living in the West. Those who share our values generally. So the West has essentially showed them the fruits of our civilization – the most advance the world has ever seen in modern history.


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