The real Nazis in America.


SJW everywhere are depicting Donald Trump as the Antichrist. It’s no wonder that most of them are entitled Millennials who think that Socialism is a good idea – who wouldn’t want free shit right? But most of us – normal hard working people don’t feel right when we get something, that we don’t think we have earned. What happened to hard work, discipline and dedication? When I was a kid those were the values that my parents shared. Today all these nurtured and professionally raised spoiled toddlers are a disgrace to the their grandfathers who built this country and made America THE GREATEST NATION in the world.

Make no mistake, the west is the BEST. In most of the other parts of the world (except western Europe) these entitled brats would have been made a mockery out of and no one would have taken them seriously. The ideas that they are preaching and trying to physically impose on people (and they call us Nazzis?!) have already proven not to work in the real world – where the grown ups live. It’s no wonder that these people hate successful entrepreneurs. After all almost all are supporters of Bernie Sanders who’s whole narrative was “rich people are bad, poor people are good”. That’s the level of arguments that these people can produce. They are literally toddlers, who are in their twenties.

No wonder that none of them can form any real arguments – with facts aka grown up talk. No wonder that to them Trump is a monster because he is a rich white male, while Hilary is a hero because she is a woman. That’s how dumb they are. There is no gray area for them, it’s either BAD or GOOD. And we only have their parents to blame. All the feminists, fake liberals of the 1990ies that after all were responsible for raising these dummies. Does the country have some major issues we have to address? Yes of course, we have already mentioned those: the crumbling infrastructurethe next financial meltdownwar in Syriapotential war with North Koreathe seemingly endless war in Afghanistanthe ever growing influence of the military industrial complex. All real issues that our future depends on, but racism in 21st century? Really, this is the best you got? I am not impressed. Does Donald Trump have some major issues worth addressing? Of course. Do they include that he is a misogynistic white male? Of course, not. Grow up, mommy will not always be there to hold your hand, get a grip.


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